Monday, September 14, 2015

My Voice is Unique

1.  How was the visit with the Seventy?  What did you learn?

Our visit was focused on.......Prayer! They talked to us about teaching our investigators to pray, and the huge importance that it has. 

And we also talked about companionship study. They said that the missionaries who don't do companionship study not only don't have good results, but they also usually become less active after the mission. Interesting, right? Comp study is important, and I've never had a problem with not doing it. 

Also, we learned about the importance of training ourselves to follow the Spirit. Trusting God completely to allow ourselves to receive the promptings from Him.

2.  You said last week to ask you about things that you will miss about Argentina.  Have you thought of other things this week?

I'm going to miss the members of the church here. I'm always so impressed with the faith that they have. There are so many people here that are the first in their family, or in their city, or in this part of the world, to join the church. I've seen pure dedication and pure love for the gospel here. Its amazing!

3.  Would you say that most of the dogs you come across are nice or mean?   I've noticed that mean dogs are a big concern of missionary moms.

Generally they are nice. It depends on where you are. The dangerous areas have mean dogs, the nicer areas have nice dogs. Its not as big of a deal as people make it. Just be smart: look for bones lying around, if the dog is growling and not moving, don't touch it, etc. DON'T RUN, dogs chase running things.

4.  What are some of the first signs of spring in  Argentina?

Flowers are all over the place and all over the trees. And the days are longer.

5.  How was the work this week?

Pretty good. We are constantly trying to do better, so we keep improving. We were able to have a cool miracle. I told you last week about that dog that tried to bite me? Yeah, well, here is part two. 

We go to the same street, to the same house, and there is the dog again. This time its braver, too, so it just runs right up and blocks us completely and holds its ground. So we turn around and a lady who was watching us stops us and asks what is the problem. We explained the problem and then contacted her. Turns out that she has already talked to
missionaries, and invited us over this upcoming Saturday! So there is our miracle of the week!

6.  Have you played any pranks lately?

I'm in the process of pulling a prank on Presidente. I'm gonna write my weekly letter saying that my companion bullies me. Then I'll tell him I'm just joking. I'm almost on the point of chickening out though... 

I called Hermana Sprenz last night and pulled a phone prank. It was like this:

Sprenz: Hola?
Me: your refrigerator running?
Sprenz: Oh, my freaking gosh, Hermana Eubanks. Are you seriously doing that?
Me: Answer the question! Geez!
Sprenz: Its functioning.
Me: laaaaammmmmeeeeee
Bevans: Oh really? Ours isn't because HERMANA EUBANKS BROKE IT!!

Here is my lame letter to Presidente with the lame prank: 

Hola Presidente,

Presidente, I've got a problem. I have no idea what to do about my
companion! We never do companionship study, she wants food all the
time and we can't stop arguing about where kolob is!  I can't take it
anymore! ...CHISTE (joke)! Just kidding! She is great! 

Seriously, we are working really hard, and shes progressing really, really well. Hermana Bevans takes lots of initiative in the work, so I never have to tell
her when to talk or when to contact, she does it all on her own, even
though she doesn't have lots of confidence in the language. She doesn't
let that stop her and makes no excuses! I do my best just to keep up
with her, ha ha, and as for the companionship we're doing really well.
We have really good communication and we have a lot of fun together.
And our companionship studies are productive.

I'm doing well, too. Its nice to be training because it helps me keep
myself focused. Sometimes I get stressed out because lots of people
keep rejecting us and we have don't have firm investigators yet, even though
we've been looking, but slowly the work is picking up and I know that
the Lord knows that we are trying, so that is what matters to me.

That dog that tried to bite me last week was there AGAIN this week, but this time a lady saw us try and get past it and then give up and stopped us on the street. We started talking to her and she invited us to her house Saturday to share the Gospel with  her! So that was cool!

Have a wonderful week!
Love, Hermana Eubanks

7.  What is something you learned this week in your studies?

I learned that sometimes you've just got to trust the Lord. I'm in the war parts of the Book of Mormon, so its been interesting. The meaning and the lessons to be learned in these parts are less obvious, because it seems like a bunch of strategy and battles, but really there is a whole theme about standing up for what you believe in and protecting your religious freedom and rights. 

I read about Moroni and he was a pretty bold guy, and did some very bold things. In times of war or hardship the Lord will warn you of the dangers before they happen, and Moroni was so bold because he was aware of the problems before they were huge. You've got to trust that He will protect you and lead you to safety, even though it looks impossible.

8.  What was the biggest challenge of the week?

Just myself. Sometimes its hard to get motivated to talk to people or teach and invite and be brave, so my challenge this week was getting out of my comfort zone and just doing it anyways

9.  What was the best thing that happened?

The conference was really nice. I got to see a TON OF PEOPLE and for maybe the last time in my life, I got to see Hermana Antuña. I got to sit next to her and talk and just spend time with one of my sisters :)  There was no change or anything and it was almost like we were companions again. We had a really, really good 2 transfers together, and so I had been praying that she would be in the conference so I could say goodbye. 

Mom, I have met every single sister in that conference. I knew everyone.

10.  Any new or interesting food this week?

I had for the first time Budin de Pan, which is this weird dessert made out of bread, milk, eggs, and sugar. Its kinda like flan, but in a cake form. Anyways, it was really, really good. They just make it with old bread, and its really cheap! We also had some really good ñoquis with a chicken mushroom sauce. That was nice, too :)

11.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

Well, there are several things.  Last night I was making a ton of phone calls to a bunch of different areas to pass on some references that we found. I got a new phone with a new number, so nobody knows the number yet. So first I called an area and Hermana Tarborda answers. It went like this:

Her: Hola?
Me: Hola! Is this the Hermanas from Pueyrredon? (That is the name of the area)
Her: Oh, don't tell me, is this Hermana Eubanks????
Me:  How did you know?
Her: Oh Hermana, your voice is unique.

So I passed the reference. Then I called another area, and Hermana
Mercade answered.

Her: Hola?
Me: Hola! Is this the Hermanas from Hospital?
Her: Yeah, is this Hermana Eubanks?
Me: How can you tell???
Her: Your voice is unique.
Me: That's what another Hermana just said!

So then I have to talk to another Hermana (Hermana Risser)

Me: Hola, Hermana Risser?
Her: Hermana Eubanks????
ME: Is my voice that obvious??
Her: Yes!!!

And so yeah, apparently I have a very distinguishable voice. The same thing happened when I called Hermana Sprenz earlier that day, too. She knew it was me from the voice...

Also, another funny thing, me and my comp always get into dandelion fights. Any time we find a dandelion we grab it and smash it into each others hair and faces. It's intense!

And that is all the funny stuff.

I love you so much and I hope you have a great week! Thanks for all the pictures and emails and stuff! I really, really appreciate them!!!!!!!!!! 

I love you!!!!!

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