Monday, September 28, 2015

The US Embassy

1.  How was your last Sunday at regular church?  Was it a testimony meeting there?

It was completely normal....except nobody told me that ANOTHER apostle died!  That was sad news, and also two members here lost close family members, too. So there was a theme of the life after death and lots of closeness between the members as they tried to console each other. I offered any service that I could.

2.  Did you have a good discussion this week?

This week was pretty crazy, actually. I only had ...well, two days of full work. We didn't have any discussions this week. We are completely starved of investigators, but I did share a good spiritual thought with some members about how we need to close our eyes and stop looking at the world and listen to the Spirit with our hearts and ears.

3.  What is the most useful Spanish word you have learned lately?

I honestly have no idea. I've been speaking so much English that I'm going crazy. I'm doing my best to speak Spanish, though. I learned the words for "FBI clearance form" and "US embassy".  That was very, very useful when we went to Buenos Aires.

4.  Are there any city parks in your area?

Yeah, there is a huge park called Parque de Independencia, but we can't really go there because its a zoo most of the day - ha ha ha.  (Not sure what that meant - maybe it was a typo, but I looked up the park and they do have a zoo there)

5.  What was the biggest challenge of the week?

For the first time in my whole mission I had a complete week where I didn't find a single new investigator. That was rough, because it made me start wondering if we weren't having success or if we weren't finding because we were doing something wrong. So I talked to my companion about it, and she pointed out that considering that we had only worked for two days, we were doing OK. 

Plus, one time I went to the door of a less active and asked myself if we should visit, because we still hadn't found anyone and it was already Saturday. As I asked myself, I felt the Spirit tell me to visit very, very strongly. So we visited them. We had several experiences like that this past week. So it was tough because I had to be humbled and realize that the Lord works in many ways and if He doesn't want me finding new investigators, we wouldn't find any. And that numbers literally don't mean anything,

6.  Evan wants to know what is the weirdest dessert you have seen in Argentina?

Just a block of dulce de batata, or sweet potato jelly cut into a block. We just ate it like that. With a fork and a knife. It was kinda weird...and kinda gross, but I ate it anyways.

7.  So next week are you going to have time to read your emails before you leave?  I am not sure what your schedule is.

I have no idea, so I would send one just in case I get to. I have no idea whats going to happen next week here on my end. I'm assuming they'll tell me right before its necessary to know...

8.  How was your trip to Buenos Aires last week?

Pretty funny. So they picked us up from our apartment at 5 pm on Monday, and drove us to the airport. The secretario of the mission told us that our flight was leaving at 7 p.m.. Then he explained what we needed to do there in Buenos Aires. It turns out that they weren't going with us. They explained that Hermana Bevans needs a new passport and that her name on her FBI clearance form isn't correct either. So they told us to get it fixed. To do the passport first and then afterwards the FBI thing. So off we went. 

We got off the plane and there was a guy there waiting for us. He led us to his car and we got in. It turns out that there is a church owned chauffeur thing there that deals with stuff like this. So he took us to our hotel, where they were expecting us. They ordered us food (steak and a salad) and then sent us to bed. 

So we went to bed and at 6 in the morning they called us and told us to wake up and that the next chauffeur would be there to get us at 7:30. So we went and ate breakfast, and at exactly 7:30 the guy showed up and took us to the US Embassy there. There were these huge lines of people outside trying to get visas, I think. 

So I looked at Hermana Bevans paper saying she had an appointment and walked right up to a security guy and told him that we were citizens of the US and that we had an appointment. He took us to a booth where we showed our ID and then they let us skip like three or four lines and we went right to our appointment really fast. 

Then afterwards we talked to the chauffeur about the FBI clearance and it turned out that nobody told him about that and they had no idea what to do, so they ended up having to take us to the general offices of the church. We waited there and they told us that we couldn't fix the FBI thing that day, so they gave us lunch and took us to the airport. We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe there for dinner, and then we were back in Bahia that night at 7 pm. It was totally weird

9.  What was the best thing that happened this week?

Well, I got to see a lot of missionaries and I got to see and hear about a lot of people I love, so that was nice. Today was super P-Day, so that was fun, too. We had asado and played soccer, and they made us all t-shirts - ha ha.

10.  What sort of food did you eat?

Steak, tacos, cheeseburgers (but Argentina-ized, so it had hard boiled eggs on it)  and chicken soup.

11.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

Well, I got sick. The next day after our Buenos Aires trip I started getting a bad cold, and so Hermana Bevans and I realized that I was having a lot of trouble working and that rest was necessary, so we called Hermana Cifuentes and she told me to rest the rest of the day and the next day if I didn't feel completely better. 

So Wednesday and Thursday I was out of business, but I did get to rest up and watch a ton of church movies, organize our area book, and then write some letters to people that I need to say goodbye to. I spent most of my
time writing letters- I guess getting sick isn't very funny, but it was the weirdest thing of the week other than the BA trip.

I love you and I'm sorry I don't have a lot of time to write.  Since we had our super P-day I only have about 20 minutes for emailing this week.  This is the only letter I'm responding to, but I APPRECIATE THE LETTERS FROM EVERYONE WHO WROTE ME THIS WEEK! I'M PRINTING THEM ALL OUT! I love you so much mom, see ya soon!


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